Here at Kiwi, we’re looking to bring the best and most innovative British qualifications to everyone

No matter the location. Kiwi is based in the UK and is looking for additional partnerships with non – UK companies.

We have a great range of online vocational qualifications that are UK accredited, meaning that international learners have a chance to get the same qualifications.

Who are we looking for?

Training centres -

- Who focus, or are looking to provide education services to adults

- Who are looking to give their existing learners a challenging learning that:

- Can assist them in getting a new job, or retraining them in another sector

- Can develop their knowledge of English in new areas

- Can give them qualifications from one of the best education systems in the world

Businesses -

- Who are looking to upskill their workforce with personal development programs

- Ensuring that their staff can remain competitive in the global market

Remember, investing in your workforce, means you are creating an engaged workforce!

We can provide:

- A range of vocational qualifications

- Flexible delivery of learning materials

- Bespoke corporate training services

- Knowledge and experience of the UK education sector

- Giving everyone the best education wherever they are

Contact us to find out more!


We would love to hear from you. Please leave your details here and we shall be in touch within two working days of your enquiry.