How we deliver Vocational Training for International Students

The UK is a diverse country with a history of educational excellence, Kiwi brings the excellence to you! We have a great range of courses in a number of areas that could benefit learners, regardless of where they are.

Our online areas of certification:

- Healthcare & Nutrition

- Business & Management

- Confrontation & Human Resources

- IT and data protection

- Functional Skills (English Language certification)

What can you get out of the courses?

These courses are designed to give you the most up to date training within the area of the course.

They are fully flexible and can fit in around your life, giving you the option to get highly sought after British qualifications at your convenience.

These courses will allow you to get the skills you need to advance in your career.

How can learning benefit me?

- 77% of adult learners felt more confident about finding a job after taking a course

- 99% of student reported benefits to their physical and mental health by taking part in adult education courses

By taking a course with Kiwi education, you’re equipping yourself for the future, where you can also gain the benefits of studying abroad, whilst staying right where you are!

Our delivery method: Learning is always challenging, especially when it’s not in your native language – but, you’re not alone! Kiwi is here to support you in your learning! We utilise E-assessor , a dynamic and functional virtual learning environment that gives you access to the same qualifications as a learner in the UK.


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