Daniel's Digital Marketing success

Read about Daniel's Digital Marketing Apprenticeship experience

One of our amazing digital Marketing apprentices has recently passed his course. Read about Daniels experience below..

"When I first enrolled I had very little knowledge of digital marketing but was keen to learn so that I could move into a new area of the business.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. My trainer was very supportive and was extremely knowledgeable within marketing.

My trainer understood my individual learning style and was able to cater the delivery of the course around me so that I would best understand the content.

Part of my course involved attending a classroom session where we learnt about different marketing tools and techniques. We were then asked to complete tasks which would prepare us for the role of a digital marketer. I found these tasks a great way to learn how to utilise a marketing strategy.

The course covered many areas of marketing such as marketing models, relationship marketing, web analytics, social media, pay-per-click ads and much more.

I also had fantastic one-to-one support from my trainer where we covered the areas of the sessions that I struggled with. After these sessions, I was able to understand all areas of the course.

I completed a 4 day project that I was able to put in practise the marketing tools and techniques that I have learnt over the duration of the course."

-Daniel Evans, Digital Marketing Apprentice

I would highly recommend this qualification to anyone who is looking to gain knowledge in digital marketing.Digital Marketing is becoming the career choice for many and with developing technologies it is an interesting and engaging career path. Gaining a qualification with us will help you enter this industry and give you the skills to start your next stage of personal development.


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