Apprentice of the Month - October 2018 Amanda McInerney

The announcement of our first Apprentice of the Month!

Apprentice of the Month - October 2018 Amanda McInerney

We are pleased to announce our first Apprentice of the Month for October 2018 is learner Amanda McInerney!

"Amanda McInerney is a young lady who worked for Luma Care and started her level 5 qualification with support from her employer.

Unfortunately, David the owner died suddenly several months into the course. He was a mentor and a big influence on all staff, guiding them and being very much like a family. This business was assisting people with mental health problems in the community and in a house in Salisbury.

Amanda helped the business close down, helped staff and clients while still doing all her assignments.

Amanda then worked with the manager and staff to cross over as much of the business to Alabare Care. Amanda still supported all the staff mentoring those who were also grieving the loss of the owner of Luma Care. She was able to help the clients cope with the move and did a fantastic job.

Amanda is now very confident in her ability, she has just got a new job and has shown that she is ready to cut ties and progress in her new role." - Gina Haines *(Amanda's Trainer)


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